Acasă News (ENG) ‘Smart Ship’ Initiative

‘Smart Ship’ Initiative


Korean ship builder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Inmarsat to incorporate the latter’s Fleet Xpress technology in its newbuildings, in order to offer the connectivity needed for ‘smart ship’ connectivity at the vessel construction stage.
Under the initiative, dubbed ‘Smart Ship’ by SHI, ship operators will be able to harvest data from hull-monitors and equipment sensors onboard, utilising Inmarsat’s dedicated bandwidth for Certified Application Providers (CAPs) – a programme specifically designed to assist end users adopt the value-added applications allowed by FleetXpress connectivity. “As a global shipbuilder, SHI is partnering with Inmarsat in a mutual growth opportunity to deliver more competitive, next generation satellite-based vessel operations,” commented Booki Kim, director of Central Research Institute, Samsung Heavy Industries & Construction Co.
“The Fleet Xpress service allows SHI to build-in new levels of vessel efficiency,” commented Inmarsat Maritime president Ronald Spithout. “This agreement demonstrates that the most forward-looking shipbuilders recognise collaboration as the key to shipping’s exploitation of the Internet of Things.” The MoU comes shortly after fellow Korean shipbuilding giant Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) announced development of its proprietary Integrated Smart Ship Solution (ISSS), which it said was aimed at enhancing the economy and safety of ships, describing it as the first development of its kind in the ship building industry.


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